Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two days in a row

June 11, 2015

Hi again!
Three missionaries arrived today which made me extremely happy because I have been alone for a long time!!! There isn't a lot to do because I already unpacked and did all the registration and was interviewed by President Collins so they said I can send another email.  One sister and one elder came from Ghana and one elder came from Tonga. Sister Owusu is my companion and is going to Zambia as well as Elder Essilife. The elder from Tonga doesn't speak any English so he is here to learn but I feel really bad for him! I have been trying to talk to him but he really doesn't understand anything. I can't even imagine what he is feeling or thinking but keep him in your prayers. Sister Owusu is awesome and I love her so much! She wanted me to tell you she says hello! Her and Elder Essilife both have beautiful smiles and are so happy. I asked Sister Owusu about her family and she said she has an older brother who is 24 and a younger sister who is 16. She said that we can come visit her in Ghana. I really want to! She also said that we can go together to Tonga to visit the Elder. hahah she is the best. When they first got here we ate breakfast. I had already eaten but we had eggs, toast, and chicken nuggets. There are about 8 ladies from South Africa that work in the kitchen and laundry and everything else. They are all very sweet. This one lady named Yvonne came up to me and asked my name and where I was from. She told me she was a member of this church and with much entusiasm she told me "I LOVE this gospel. I LOVE this church and I LOVE Heavenly Father!!!" She told me all about her family and how someday they will be members of this church too. And then with her toothless smile she said goodbye and as she walked out the door she said, "I love you." I couldn't help but cry as I felt so much love from this woman I didn't even know and her love for this gospel and her simple testimony amazed me. I can't wait to get to Zambia and find and meet more people like her. I have a feeling I will learn more from these people than I can teach them. So at breakfast with the other missionaries I got to know them and man I wish you could meet them! Hopefully I can send a picture of them to you soon. They smile a lot and laugh too. I only understand about 75% of what Elder Essilife says because he has a heavy accent and talks fast and kinda quiet. He told me he is determined to learn how to speak Swaheli (I'm not sure how to pronounce it). He and Sister Owusu got speak a native language to Ghana but I forgot what it is called. I want to learn some words in their language though. They are both so humble and sweet. They are finishing registration forms and an online questionnaire and then Sister Owusu is going to unpack her bags. In my interview, President Collins told me that today we weren't doing much until tonight where him and his wife will be teaching us. I am very very anxious to start learning though. The rest of the missionaries, besides the two Americans who are coming tomorrow, will be here today so I'm excited to meet them and get to know them!! President Collins told me he has only had 5 American sisters in the MTC so Maren and I will make 7. Tell Justin Langford that two of the elders that are coming today are from Uganda and that I am so so so excited he gets to come here! Next Wednesday we are going to the temple which will be awesome. Sister Owusu went through the Ghana temple but all the other missionaries who didn't get to go through before they came will go through for the first time on Wednesday and then will go again on Thursday. I feel so blessed that I get to be there when they go through and I am so grateful that I was able to go through the temple.  Last night as I laid in bed trying to fall asleep, I thought of my temple covenants and how grateful I am for them. I know I will not be able to go to the temple for the next 18 months but I will keep the feelings of the temple in my heart. 
Well I love you guys! Today President Collins prayed for our families back at home. I know many people are praying for me, for which I am very grateful but there are also people here praying for you. I love being a missionary!!! Talk to you soon!

With love,

Sister Bingham

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