Saturday, January 7, 2017

FInal Blog Post

I know that everyone is happy that I am home but in reality I think that my mission coming to an end hasn’t just been hard for me, it’s been hard on the whole family…so low and behold Mom requested that I write one last blog post. We all just don’t want it to be over!!! It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I have been home. Just today I went and ate lunch with one of my former companion’s mom and she asked me what has been one of the hardest things about coming home. I told her what has been difficult for me is that my mission seems like a dream and at times I wonder if it even happened. And that scares me!! I am trying to remember all that I can and all that I learned and keep the person who I have become over the past 18 months and not let it fade away. But with that said, every night for the past 19 days as I have knelt down in prayer, I have been filled with so much gratitude as I thank my Father in Heaven for the opportunity He blessed me with to go to Zambia and Malawi to teach His children about the precious gift of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. I have a feeling that a day will never go by for the rest of my life where I won’t think about my mission!
So coming home was an adventure! I left my area Thursday morning at 11….we were supposed to leave at 7 but….Africa time!!! Then President and Sister Kupu took us and the other missionaries who were going home out to dinner. Sister Thueson and I talked nonstop the entire dinner and evening updating each other about our areas since we had both served in Ndola and Kalambo. I love that girl so much!! The next day we went to one of the malls in Lusaka and set up a table to contact as many people as we could and get the name of the church out there. We had a ton of rejections!!!! Sister Thueson and I concluded that since we really didn’t have much experience with doors getting slammed in our face, we needed to experience it on our last day proselyting. We had a farewell meeting that afternoon with our mission president where we were each given a turn to report on our mission and President Kupu gave us simple yet profound counsel to help us be successful in our future lives. All four of us missionaries cried as we recounted what we had experienced and what lessons we had learned and as we finally started to realize it was all over. We bore our final official testimonies as missionaries and the Spirit reminded me how grateful I was for my call to serve. We also were able to have our final interview with President Kupu….And this is exactly how mine went… ”Sister Bingham do you obey the Word of Wisdom?” “Yes.” “Do you live the Law of Chastity?” “Yes.” “Ok thank you for your service.” I don’t even think I got a handshake in there….Hahaha it makes for a funny story but it actually was a huge lesson for me and something that I constantly was learning as I taught the people of Zambia and Malawi. The gospel is SIMPLE. Being happy is SIMPLE. Obedience is SIMPLE. Anyways we went to the airport that night and dropped off Sister Owusu-Afriyie which was really sad cause I don’t know if I will ever get to see her again. We were companions in the MTC and I am so proud of her for finishing so strong! She was a great example for me even though we never really served around each and what I learned the most from her is how to genuinely love those around me. The next morning, we went to the airport to catch our flight and said our final goodbyes to President and Sister Kupu. That was difficult….they have played a huge part in my life. They saw my potential and helped me do all I could to achieve it! Most importantly they helped me to know my leader, the Savior Jesus Christ.
We flew to Johannesburg and sat next to a guy from New York. We tried to share the gospel with him and we quickly found out that he doesn’t even believe in God….uhhhh….I don’t know if I ever taught anyone who didn’t believe in God. So that was unfamiliar to me and made me just want to get off the plane and back to Zambia even more! We had a long layover in South Africa but ended up meeting two members in the airport!!!! We were so pumped!!!! One of them even bought us dinner!!! Only our dream to finally fun into a member in Africa. We got to the gate to catch our flight to Atlanta and found a huge group of college students doing all these strange yoga stretches and poses. You can only imagine how much this made me not want to return to America even more!! That 17 hour flight was brutal. But we somehow made it through sleeping in the most awkward positions possible! Thank goodness I don’t have to make that flight for awhile! We got on our flight to Salt Lake and that’s when the nerves really started to kick in. I sat next to a really sweet old lady who was flying to visit her daughter. She kept telling me how proud she was of me for serving a mission! She was another tender mercy sent to me to help me feel at peace about coming home yet it was all sort of surreal to me. It still hadn’t sunk it that it was over and that I would never be a full time young missionary again (cause you best believe I will be a senior couple missionary). Sister Thueson at this point was getting excited and nervous to see her family and we were both freaking out as we walked off the plane. We were trying to find out which direction I needed to go to catch my last flight to Boise and SURPRISE!!!! There was my uncle, aunt, and cousins!!!! That was so so so awesome to see them and to catch up before they made their way to Argentina. Another tender mercy! After saying goodbye to them I walked on to my last plane ride. I tried making conversation with an older lady but she didn’t want to talk. Then I was feeling extremely nervous, in fact I was so anxious that I walked right past my seat to the end of the plane. So I had to turn around and everyone was staring at me. I sat down in my seat and EVERYONE around me was on their phones. For 18 months I have been pretty much the only white person in any group of people but I felt more out of place and alone sitting on that plane ride than my entire mission. That’s when I think I finally realized I was going home and all I wanted to do was to go back to Ndola. Even though that was the shortest flight of the trip, it felt the longest!! We finally landed and I started the longest walk of my life to the baggage claim where I knew my family would all be. I took a few deep breaths before turning that last corner and saw everybody standing there! It was the strongest wave of emotion I have ever felt as I saw the people who mean the most to me. To finally see your family again after 18 months has got to be the best feeling in the world! I had felt time and time again true joy on my mission and this was the perfect ending to the happiest year and a half of my life. It was everything I had dreamed about coming home except that I thought I would cry more……long story short it was amazing and I love my family SOOOOO much. Wanna know the best part of all….Dad had made me a milkshake and it was almost 0 degrees outside!!!!!!

Alright so that was my trip home and it feels like it all happened years ago. Being home has been difficult for many reasons and sometimes I feel as if I just close my eyes real tight and open them again I will be back in Zambia or Malawi. If it were that easy, I’d do it in a heart beat. But at the same time, I should not wish for more than what the Lord blessed me with. I had a terrific mission!!! I experienced amazing miracles!!! I have built incredible friendships!! And most importantly, I have found and developed a deeper and more meaningful testimony of the Savior and His gospel. I have been asked a million and two questions about the past 18 months but no matter how much I try I will never be able to adequately explain to anyone what it was like. I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven knows. And that’s what I hope each of you who has been so great and read my emails to know is that He is aware of you. He has a plan for you. He will help you. He knows the desires of your heart. He knows your strengths and weaknesses. And He LOVES YOU! Elder Oaks said, “The Final Judgement is not just an evaluation of a sum total of good and evil acts-what we have done. It is an acknowledgement of the final effect of our acts and thoughts-what we have become.” This perfectly sums up how I feel at the conclusion of my mission. What will it matter the number of lessons taught or baptisms we were apart of? I am humbled that despite my weaknesses and mistakes, the Lord called me to be a representative of Him and in the process of serving as such for 18 months, He modeled and refined me into someone just a little bit more like Him. And that is what He wants for each of us!!!

Well, I have been so touched the past few weeks to realize how many people have read my emails and how they somehow influenced many people in many different ways. I can’t take any credit for that but want to express my admiration for each of you who listened to the Spirit while reading which helped you to grow closer to the Savior. I am grateful for each of you and don’t think I ever can thank you enough for your love, support, and prayers throughout my mission. We have a great work to do and if we continue to reach out and strengthen each other this marvelous work and a wonder will continue to roll forth! NDIMAKUKONDA KWAMBILI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2016


Last email…..hopefully you weren’t expecting much because 1. There hasn’t been power all day until now. 2. We had to run a ton of errands for the mission. 3. We went to a game camp this morning and held a python so we really don’t have that much time today…..but we went down to Lusaka this past week for a combined zone conference/ Christmas activity and I talked to President Kupu about extending my mission! Hope it is ok with everyone!!!

Just kidding…but as much as I have been trying to deny the fact that I’m coming home, it has been quite the struggle the past couple of days to accept it. It is one of the most surreal feelings I have ever experienced. And now to have to put it into a few short words is a difficult task. I just don’t think I can adequately express how I feel right now. On Friday I was asked to give a farewell testimony in our combined zone conference. At that point it still hadn’t registered that I was going home but it still was an incredible experience to be gathered with 30+ missionaries, many that have become my dearest friends, and bear my testimony. Yesterday our Branch President asked that I speak about my mission in Sacrament meeting. I got a little teary eyed before I spoke and Gift, our 11 year old recent convert, leans over and says “Sister Bingham, why are you crying?” That is when it hit. Standing up in a branch filled with many saints that I love and talking about the BEST 18 months of my life was harder than I thought. I shared with them stories, miracles, and lessons I have learned. I laughed and I cried as I spoke but as I stood there I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be a missionary. To have been called to serve in this specific mission. And to have been blessed to everyday teach and testify of our Savior Jesus Christ. There has been countless times when I have realized that the Lord calls missionaries for a greater purpose than to just share the gospel with others. He calls us to shape, and refine us, to make us more like Christ. We definitely don’t go through anything near what He did, but as I spoke yesterday I felt so close to my Savior. I thought of all the nights I had spent on my knees seeking guidance and blessings for investigators. I thought of walking in the hot sun to teach the gospel. I thought of the joy I saw when brothers and sisters came out of the waters of baptism. I thought of the hours of study I had done. I thought of those who didn’t accept what we had to share. I thought of lives I saw changed and joy brought into families. I thought of the changes in my own life! Many of the branch and you, probably all of the branch and you, won’t know what my past 18 months fully entailed. Just as the Savior, we may know bits and pieces of his life. We may have His words recorded in the scriptures. We may understand a part of His love for us and for Heavenly Father but to fully comprehend it, is impossible. How humbled and grateful I am to have been given a time to grow in my own understanding of the Savior and to experience a bit of His divinity through my short 18 month mission.
As it all comes to a close I have had feelings of doubt and wonder if it was enough. Did I pray enough? Did I work hard enough? Did I love enough? Did I baptize enough? How comforting it is to know that HE knows. And to know that my service continues! It isn’t over. Yes it will never be the same and who knows if I’ll ever get to be here in Zambia and Malawi but the Lord does not call young missionaries only, He calls ALL! His invitation is to everyone. My 18 months were training ground so that I will be  better prepared,  better qualified and build a stronger desire to go and share the light and joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ! I look forward to being reunited soon and to be able to share with you all of it because I can’t do so over email. But one thing I would like to share is for all who read this. SERVE A MISSION. It doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of mission or when it is. Do it and you will never ever experience so much joy! The lord needs more missionaries. And he will strengthen you! He truly calls the weak and simple to proclaim the gospel and it isn’t an easy task but was it easy for Him???

Ok I love you all so much!!!! THANK YOU for the prayers, constant love and support and emails every week. I really couldn’t have done it without you. I know that Heavenly Father has blessed our family so much and if there is one thing that I have learned while being away from you is that we have the best family and I am so grateful we will be together forever. SEE YOU IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!

Nalikutemwa Sana,
Sister Bingham

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Time is Far Spent

Precious' Birthday
We baked a cake for her but Zambian tradition has it that you pour a bucket of water on someone before you give them a present:)

Future Sister Missionaries!!!

Ok I know I only have two weeks left and one email after this….but it really hasn’t hit me yet that I am coming home. Especially since this past week was so great and things in our area are really starting to progress well. Yesterday I talked to President Kapato, the Ndola District President, about us coming over next Monday for my last FHE and he said that he would call President Kupu and ask if I can just stay. So is it ok with all of you if I just extend????? Maybe instead we all could just move here and serve missions together? Cause believe it or not, I do miss you all!

 Zambian Sunset

We had Family Home Evening at Sister Chalwe’s with her two little boys. We sang “I am a Child of God” which I remember singing at their home last year and feeling the exact same special Spirit. There aren’t words to describe being gathered in their humble home with that faithful family singing the words to that song. I was greatly touched to sing the words “to live with Him someday” as I thought of their many challenges but then to think what lay in store for them in the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father. We played the game where you put a biscuit on your forehead and try to get it into your mouth without using your hands and they LOVED it!!! I don’t think I have ever heard Sister Chalwe laughing so hard! I love bring the joy of the Savior into homes each week!

One evening we went to teach Bernard and to help him prepare to teach the lesson for this week in Gospel Principles. Oh he wasn’t confirmed last week because of a last minute emergency and then this week his mother passed away so he wasn’t able to be confirmed again but this week he will!!! Anyways it was late and we didn’t have 1. A member to work with us and 2. A female to join us in the lesson. We tried all we could and so I quickly said a silent prayer. I lifted up my head and there was the neighbor just getting home. I asked if she would be willing to join us for the lesson. She was cooking nshima but said that she would be able to join us if we sat outside and taught next to where she was cooking. We sat down and were about to begin the lesson but I felt I should try calling Justin, a member, one last time. His phone hadn’t been working all day….but HE ANSWERED!!! And he literally ran to make it to our lesson. How grateful I am for prayer and for dedicated members! Also Bernard is now in 2 Nephi!!!!

On Wednesday we were running around like crazy trying to fit in all of our lessons. It feels like we never have sufficient time to do anything! In fact, at church on Sunday we had so many members come up to us and give us fire for not coming to teach them this past week. The Simanwes wouldn’t even talk to me. Sister Simanwe came up to me and said, “Sister Bingham…where have you been? I don’t like you now that you didn’t even come! I don’t like ALL of you (as she waved her hands in front of me from my head to my toes).” Uhhh we need more missionaries in our mission because there is SOOO much work!!! And it has been sort of stressful because there are so many things that I wish I had time to do to help the members, the branch, do activities, do more service…..and especially as time is ticking its been hard but all is well because at the end of the day on Wednesday we went to our last appointment. It was a referral from a returned missionary in our branch. We taught his fiance Christobell and she is one of the most prepared people I have ever taught! She sincerely wants to learn about the restored gospel! She grew up in a Pentecostal church but when she came to church last week she said she loved it so much and felt the spirit very strongly. Which is unheard of for a Pentecostal because they are very loud and dance and sing and shout in their churches. Anyways it was late so we had a 15 minute lesson with her but both Sister Reid and I walked out of that lesson so happy and excited for her!! We saw her again and finished teaching the Restoration. She read the entire pamphlet!!! I know that doesn’t sound like much but its pretty amazing! And she already asked her finance a lot of questions and already prayed about Joseph Smith and received an answer that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. The Lord has been blessing us so much with people who are not just prepared to hear the gospel but are of the rich, learned, noble and wise like we have been counseled to find. 

Andrew who is going to be baptized on Christmas is also doing fantastic!! In fact yesterday in Sacrament meeting he got up and bore his testimony! I have had investigators do that before and it always puts me sort of on the edge because you never know what they are going to say but he did so good. HE EVEN QUOTED A SCRIPTURE FROM THE BOOK OF MORMON. He quoted 2 Nephi 2:24 and shared how he now understands the Heavenly Father truly has a plan for all of His children. He testified that it was part of God’s plan for us to have a minor accident with him just so that he could hear the Restoration. His testimony was very dear to my heart and it was especially meaningful because he is pretty shy and quiet so I know it was difficult for him to stand up there and testify but he did great. He is 26 years old and stays with his brother but we are going to teach his parents this week!!!

Mpundu family

Brother Nkhole has also been progressing slowly but surely. We love his family and have such a strong desire to help him enter the waters of baptism so that they can go to the temple together someday. For one of my gifts to the Savior I felt that I should do all I can to help Brother Nkhole accept the gospel. I have been praying for him diligently and this week we saw many miracles! He kept making appointments with us and then last minute would cancel which was frustrating but I count it as a miracle that each time he would text us which showed that he was mindful of us and cared. Then midweek we got a text from him asking that we please come! We weren’t able to actually teach him until Saturday morning but the lesson went really really well. We watched the Restoration DVD with him and then answered a lot of questions he had about Joseph Smith. He has been reading and praying and he still doesn’t have a firm answer but says that he feels the Spirit. We are working to help him recognize his answer but as we testified of the Restoration and the blessings we now receive because of it, we tied it in with the Sacrament. We committed him to come to church and HE ACCEPTED!!!! We both were so happy we couldn’t respond to him for a few seconds! I know that the Lord is helping him and softening his heart. Unfortunately he was called into work Sunday morning but I am so grateful for small tender mercies that we have been able to witness with him. Oh on Saturday afternoon we found him reading the Book of Mormon with his wife outside their home!!!

Last night Sister Martha invited us and the other sisters for dinner. She stays way far away but her cooking is worth it! She let us help though and I cooked the nshima all by myself….yep I’m preparing just for you all!! 
cooking nshima!!!
Anyways while I was helping her cook she was telling me more about her experience with the temple. As she was on her way back from the temple she felt a strong prompting that she needed to act so that she could keep the covenants that she had made. She made a stop in Lusaka before coming home and discovered through her family of two young men who needed somewhere to stay. She returned home to Ndola, found the two boys and they are now staying with her. I was so touched by her story and her desire to truly live her temple covenants. The members continue to inspire me each and everyday! Yesterday I tried to soak in my last few moments with them at Church and learn as much as I can from them.
All is well in Ndola! Lots and lots and lots to be done for which I am grateful for. And I am grateful that the Lord has entrusted me to serve here. I am humbled by my calling and hope that I will continue these next two weeks to serve our Savior and bring many more unto Him. 

Sister Bingham

 Saying goodbye to Selina
She moved to Fatima....about 40 kms from Ndola:(

Singing in the rain
I wish I had a picture 5 mintues before....the road was a river!!!!

Baboons in our area...nbd.
at a members house in the elders area. she cooks for them twice a week because her own son is serving a mission

Farewell Article for our Mission Newsletter:

As my mission comes to a close, I have been experiencing a lot of very mixed emotions and to put the past 18 months into a few words is a difficult task. However, as I reflect on my missionary service, two words come to mind....gratitude and joy. I quickly came to learn within my first few days as a missionary that I have countless inadequacies and weaknesses but I was and continue to be humbled to know that the Lord has called me and all of us to labor in His vineyard. To say that I am extremely grateful for my call to serve would be a great understatement. Each and every day I saw the hand of the Lord provide miracles that built my faith and increased my appreciation for the Savior and His Atonement. For this I will give praises of thanksgiving for many blessings seen not just in my life but in the lives of those I taught, loved, and served. We each were promised that "more happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children." And if there is anything that I can testify of it is that missionary work brings JOY- complete, true and lasting JOY. But it only comes as we serve with our all. The greater we give the greater we receive. I remember a particular trying moment during my mission when I was give the counsel to lay aside my worries, fears, and disappointments and to enjoy this one time in my life where I can completely dedicate myself to building up the Lord's Kingdom. The more I left behind who I was and focused fully on my calling, the more I was blessed with an indescribable amount of joy and I can honestly say that it has been the happiest 18 months of my life! It will be difficult to leave Zambia and Malawi, to leave the people that have grown so dear to my heart, but I'm excited to continue what has begun here. The work, lessons, and miracles won't be forgotten when I take off my name tag, but will be a strong foundation as I continue in my call to serve, wherever or whatever that may be. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Slippin' and Slidin'

A member had to borrow my camera for something so this is the only picture I have from the week! 
Sister Mulomba from Zimbabwe and Sister Asemnyinah from Ghana:)

Rain season is here and in the words of my dear father, the roads have been very “snotty” but not even muddy roads have slowed down the work of the Lord in Ndola. Sister Reid and I experienced greater success this week that we have yet and we have had much to rejoice over!! We taught many lessons this week and were even able to focus a lot of our efforts on strengthening recent converts and less actives and we witnessed many tender mercies.

FHE: We went to the Mpundus who I had taught when I was here but Brother Mpundu and his two daughters were baptized after I was transferred. They are an incredible family but are facing major challenges right now. Brother Mpundu hasn’t been paid in almost 5 months now and so hasn’t been coming to church. It has been too hard for him to sacrifice the money to travel to church and he has to spend his Sundays doing odd jobs to have enough to provide food and other necessities for the family. He does have a bike though and since Sister Reid and I are trying to lay the foundation for a future branch in his area, he will play a vital role in that. He taught the lesson about having faith amidst the great trials we face. You can imagine how touching of a lesson it was to hear him testify of the power of the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ and we only know very little of all that they are facing. We committed the family to act on what their father taught by coming to church at least twice a month. We committed Brother Mpundu to ride his bike and make the sacrifice so the Lord could bless them for their obedience. It was difficult for us to do and but the longer I serve as a missionary the greater my trust in the Lord that he will fulfill his promises. GUESS WHO CAME TO CHURCH AFTER NOT COMING FOR 5 MONTHS?!?! BROTHER MPUNDU!!! And his daughter Mercy gave a wonderful talk in Sacrament Meeting about serving with Christlike love.

Andrew is on date to be baptized on Christmas!! He is progressing so well!!! He told Brother Thole who has been the best fellowshipper, that he feels as if he has finally found where he belongs. We taught him the Book of Mormon as well as the Plan of Salvation this week. He is really quiet but his understanding is incredible!!! Brother Thole was teaching in the lesson about baptisms for the dead and asked him a few difficult questions and he answered them perfectly! Another miracle for me as I realized how Heavenly Father is continuing to prepare hearts to hear and accept the restored gospel.

Wednesday I was blessed to go on a half day exchange with Sister Asemnyinah. She reminds me a LOT of Breck Steele so I love being with her!! Things didn’t go like we wanted but we ended up being able to meet with the Mwapes. We hadn’t scheduled an appointment with them and we didn’t have a member to teach with us. I said a silent prayer in my heart and then we made our way to the lesson. Sister Chalwe, a nearby member, was not only home but was very excited to go teach with us! The Mwapes were extremely touched by her testimony and the faith that she has and it really softened their heart to have a lesson with us. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and even though they have been taught the Restoration and we have reviewed it a couple of times, the Priesthood finally clicked!!! And even the mother who has been hesitant to learn was engaged the entire lesson. I am grateful that we were able to quickly know who to teach, who to teach with us, what to teach, and how to teach. I am grateful that as we prayed and then went forth not knowing exactly what would happen, we were able to bless the Mwape family with the knowledge of the simple truths that our Savior has taught us.

Thanksgiving didn’t really feel like Thanksgiving but there was MUCH to be grateful for!!! We ended up experiencing a lot of fall throughs and all our back ups fell through. Sister Reid suggested that we go see the Sambes. I wrote about them a bunch when I first served in Ndola but they really didn’t progress much with the Sisters since I was here. They sort of gave the Sambes a break but we both felt that we should go visit them. We got to their house and Sister Sambe was shocked to see me! Oh side note…I had written them a letter while serving in Blantyre and they had responded so we have kept sort of in contact. Anyways she was so happy to know that I was back in Ndola. Right as we started the lesson I had another prompting remind me that I was sent here for a reason….We read Alma 5:26 and then I asked her her thoughts on the scripture hoping to gauge her testimony and her desire to progress. She explained the verse SO well and then began to tell us an incredible story. She told us that just the day before she thought about the missionaries (the sisters haven’t been there for probably 6 weeks) and not only missed us but especially missed the message that we share. And she felt a strong impression to start reading the Book of Mormon again…then we came the very next day.  She was amazed at how we happened to come back and shared that she knows there is a purpose behind it. It was a big blessing to me as well to come back and to teach her once again. She didn’t come to church but I know that our visit brought the Spirit into her life and that she is once again going to have an opportunity to accept the restored gospel. The Lord ways truly are higher than ours…..

We were able to work with 19 different members from the branch! We worked with Sister Nonde who has been a member for over 10 years. She bore a powerful testimony in each lesson that she taught with us.  It was my first time taking her to go teaching with us and when we were dropping her off after a few lessons I found out it was her first time EVER teaching with the missionaries. She loved going and asked if she would be able to go with us each week. It was amazing to hear how much the spirit of missionary work touched her heart and to see her now catch the fire!

Brother Nkhole is the husband to our recent converts that we baptized 2 weeks ago. Since I first got to the area, we have been praying to have his heart be softened so that he may be able to experience the blessings of the restored gospel with his family. We felt that for our gift to the Savior, we would complete the Nkhole family. He has been difficult to get a hold of but this week we were able to teach him twice!!! And at the end of one of the lessons, I asked how he has felt as we have been teaching him. Before he answered his wife, who normally is very quiet and reserved, told us about how her husband was telling her how he always feels peace when we come over. It was such a small tender mercy but we count it as a miracle that his heart is slowly softening.

We discussed with our Branch Presidency about starting group devotionals in a part of our area that is very far from the Church. It costs about 11 kwacha per person to travel to and from church and so we felt that to strengthen the members and to lay a foundation for a future branch of the church, we should gather families and individuals once a week. We met with the 2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency that stays in the far area and he has agreed to hold the devotionals at his house and he and his wife are more than excited!!! We read from the Book of Ether with them about the power of faith and acting upon faith as well as the power of prayer. We connected it to our vision for the devotionals. Great things are happening in our area and I told the sisters that I am getting overwhelmed about going home. There is just way too much to be done and too many miracles happening that I can’t leave!

Ok so I have grown a great love and appreciation for the Sacrament while serving as a missionary. It has become so much more meaningful in my life and my main source of peace and joy. But I am pretty sure that over 75% of the Sacrament meetings that I have had on my mission, I have cried. Hahaha I just always get really emotional as I think over the significance of my calling and how much I love being here and the specific people that have become such a large part of my life. I only have 2 more Sundays after yesterday and it was a hard hit especially since we had a wonderful Sunday! We had more investigators at church than in the past and a lot of less actives. During Relief Society I was trying to soak it all in. I wish you could be in our Relief Society…hahah it is pretty different from home and hard to explain but I looked around the room yesterday and was overwhelmed with love for these women! I don’t know if they will ever know how much I love them and look up to them! I love the simplicity of the church here and I also reflected a lot on the relationship that I have developed with my Savior through my experience.

I am really doing so well and just this week I was telling Sister Reid how much I love teaching!! How much I love being a missionary and that I never want it to end. This week I felt extra grateful especially as I greatly missed the members and recent converts from Ndirande. As I was missing them, I realized how blessed we are to love and serve so many of Heavenly Father’s children and to learn from them. Although I am far from them, and may never see most of them ever again, I continue to be blessed by their testimonies and faith. Last week Sister Porter told me that 2 different people that I taught in Ndirande have been baptized!!!! I could hardly believe how the Lord prepared those people and although I wasn’t there to witness the baptisms, I am filled with immeasurable joy!!! John Phiri, the old man that had a struggle with the Word of Wisdom was baptized on Sunday! And Peace who was supposed to be baptized in April was baptized! And Sister Thueson told me that another man that I taught in Lilongwe was baptized yesterday!!!

I am almost finished with The Book of Mormon but Ether 12 was especially meaningful this past week. At since it was Thanksgiving, this chapter reminded me of the many blessings that I am grateful for!! Here are just a few…
-Prophets, both those of old and our dear prophet, President Thomas S. Monson
- The Holy Ghost that is given to us and is felt by our investigators that convert us to the Savior and His gospel
-The sacred calling to be representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.
- The diligent examples of the people of the Book of Mormon
-The promised blessings of serving with all our heart, might, mind, and strength
- The hope that the Plan of Salvation brings
- Faith that anchors us to the Savior
-The faith of my fathers
- My weaknesses that have been given to me that help me to be humble and rely of the Lord
-The grace that is administered through the Atonement of Jesus Christ
- The gift of charity that can be given through mighty prayer
- The selfless service and example of Christ
-The knowledge that the Restoration brings that Christ lives!

There are too many blessings to count! Another incredible week has come and gone and I don’t have many left but I know that is enough to do what the Lord expects. I guess it all is summed up in a quote I found this week by Elder Holland "The past is to be learned from but not lived in. We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes. And when we have learned what we need to learn and have 
brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead and 
remember that faith is always pointed toward the future. Faith always has to do 
with blessings and truths and events that wilyet be efficacious in our lives." -Elder Jeffery R. Holland

Nalikutemwa Sana Sana,
Sister Bingham

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