Sunday, June 14, 2015

From the South African MTC - Sister Collins

Greetings from the SA MTC

Here is a photo of our MTC Group #213 missionaries.  Aren’t they a great looking bunch?  We usually take this photo on our Intake Day, which was Thursday, but we had 5 of our missionaries delayed.  Our last two missionaries arrived on Friday night.  It was so wonderful to finally have them all here.  Now, everyone has been interviewed by President Collins, have filled out the necessary medical forms and personal history forms and all but the 5 latecomers have seen the nurse.  They will have that happen next Thursday.  So everyone has their companions and are settled in their rooms. I love them already.  They have taught investigators and are focusing on those things that are necessary for them to be the consecrated missionaries the Lord wants and needs. We will take good care of them and do our best to prepare them for their missions in Zambia, Botwana, and Johannesburg.  This is a photo we took after our Sacrament Meeting Block.  It is a beautiful Winter day here in Joburg as you can see. 

You won’t hear from your missionary until their P-Day which is next Thursday.

There were a few missionaries without email addresses for their families.  If you recognize one of the Elders as being in your stake, ward, or branch, could you please share the photo with their families.  Thanks so much.

With love,
Sister Collins

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