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FHE: We invited Aggie , Addsum, and Joseph (all recent converts) and Mwie and Deborah (investigators) and had it at the Chirwas house (members). Aggie shared the spiritual thought from John 15, only our favorite missionary chapter, so that really touched my heart. She also said to me during a lesson this week "I really wish that you would take me to teach with you." Nothing is better than to hear those words. Two nights before we met with Addsum and asked him to teach the lesson. Well it was also his birthday so turns out he was confused and didn't get the whole FAmily Home Evening thing and just thought it was a party for him. hahahah when it was his turn to give the lesson he just stood up and thanked everyone for coming to his "ceremony" and then sat back down. Opps...all is well, Sister Arok came in clutch and shared a scripture. We tried playing a game with everyone but we sort of messed it up and then everyone was yelling at us because they said we were cheating...hahah but everyone was laughing so it was worth it!! 

Tuesday I celebrated my 16 month mark and it was sort of a surreal feeling. Time has literally flown by and I was actually really sad when all the sudden it hit me that I have 2 months left. 2 months....its hard to explain the feeling but hey I still have 2 months to get to work and I can't wait!! Since we are finishing Sister Porter's training I have been able to focus a lot on the basics of missionary work. I think that training is helping me more than Sister Porter! This past week we trained on receiving revelation through prayer and made a goal to ask to kneel in the closing prayer at the end of each lesson. I wish I could describe the special spirit that fills the small, humble homes that we visit as we have knelt together. Each time I don't want to stand up because I am filled with so much peace and joy. And it has even blessed those we teach to say more sincere prayers. Anyways training has made me more fired up about all aspects of the work. This week I focused more on my invitations to be baptized. This week as I invited many people to make the sacred covenant with our Father in Heaven, it made me so grateful for my calling as a missionary. I am so grateful to be an instrument in His hands in leading others to live with Him again. This week I read in Alma and was so inspired by the lives and examples of Alma and Amulek. My missionary scripture in Alma 29:9 but verse 10 is what stood out to me this past week "And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember awhat the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me."  It really is amazing how many more blessings I am able to see as I serve as a missionary. 
 We visited a less active family and taught Brother Wisiki and his daughter Carol. We only had about 10 minutes so we asked her to teach us about the Restoration. Carol gave the most powerful testimony of the First Vision. She is 14 years old and to hear her recite what Joseph Smith saw in 1820 was incredible. We then asked her father how Carol has blessed his life. He went on and on about how much of a strength she is to there family. He said, "I love all my children, but carol is something special." She is the one who gathers the family together for prayer. Both her and Joseph Smith have made such great impacts in the lives of others and I thought a lot about the influence that I am leaving here and throughout my life. There is still so much to be done and so much I need to become! It is almost overwhelming but I am so grateful for the examples of others, Carol Wisiki and Joseph Smith, you do what is right and act in great faith.

The theme of the week was FINDING. We went on exchanges to help Sister Newey and Sister Chibase build their investigator pool. We spent 2 and half hours within a five minute walking distance!! I continue to feel so blessed to serve in an area where there are many people to teach! We met a really great father. While introducing our purpose, I shared with him how the gospel helps us face any challenge we face, including disability, financial, and physical trials. Later in the lesson he asked if we could pray for his daughter who has had a disability since birth. I then proceeded to testify of our Savior and that because of Him, all would be resurrected. The Spirit hit me so strong as I was reminded of the power of the atonement and how it literally makes all things right. I thought of this sweet little girl and her family who has faced so much stress in their life. I wanted to just go on and on and on but I simply was able to testify that it is only through Jesus Christ that we will live again and if we follow Him, we will not only be able to have perfect bodies in the next life, but we will get to live with God and Jesus Christ. I even got a little choked up as I thought of this miracle that I so often overlook in my own life. 

We ended up having to do a lot of finding in our areas since we now have 3 areas and had to drop a lot of investigators. This one day was not going well....hahah it felt like we were walking around in circles all day. But we had a prompting to go down to the Chirwa's and meet all their neighbors. First house we go to, we see a man sitting outside. We ask if we could share with him our message and he quickly invites us inside. We teach the Restoration and then Sister Arok invites him to be baptized. He says, "Yes of course. I actually haven't been going to church for a year now because I felt like it wasn't right. I think this might be an answer to my prayer." Sister Porter's jaw dropped to the ground. Sister Arok started laughing cause she couldn't even believe it. We hardly knew what to say especially after a long day of working but once again the Hand of the Lord was manifest in our work as we put our faith that He would lead us to someone who was prepared. 

Saturday was Malawi's Mothers Day so we gave some money to Vaida to cook a big dinner for her mom for us. Of course the Paseli's went above and beyond!!! I wish I would have taken a pciture of the amount of rice they had cooked!!! It was insane. Before we ate we all went around and said why we loved our mothers. Shout out to my mom for helping me to be the person I am today. I shared that I am greatful for my mom for helping me to see the joy no matter what the circumstances. Mom has always made me laugh and I am so thankful for how it has helped me to be a better representative of the Savior here in Malawi and Zambia. I know that sounds weird but it is amazing how a simple smile or laugh will soften someones heart and help them feel loved. It was super great to be gathered with two woman, Sister Grace Paseli and Sister Katunga who have taught me so much in my 7+ months in Ndirande. I was once again impressed my the blessing of families and that families truly can be together forever! I can't wait for my family to meet the families that have welcomed me and blessed my life throughout my mission. Which by the way...the Simanwe's back in Ndola are going to the temple next week!!!!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!
Our mother's day dinner with the Paseli's and Katungas!

Sunday we had 20 people at church!!! Half of them don't speak English....and only 5 of them we are seriously teaching but nonetheless, the Lord is pouring out His Spirit upon Ndirande. All the fam has been talking about Isaac's primary program and how cool is that this week we got to go to primary to help the kids prepare for their's next month. The kids have already memorized all their parts and yesterday I was so touched by their simple, simple and powerful testimonies! Just hearing little George say, "I am a temple of God." or Louisa Nyenyezi stand and say, "Jesus Christ lives" is amazing. They hardly understand any english yet they know that the gospel is true and they are always so happy!! I can't wait to see them all in Sacrament meeting. That afternoon we ended up teaching with Joseph and his niece Deborah came with us. She was hilarious to teach with....when an investigator told us he not only read the introduction to the Book of Mormon but also all the testimonies she turned to me and said, "What??? I haven't even read that yet!!" btw....that investigator Willis covered his Book of Mormon we gave him with plastic to "keep it nice". He LOVED church and is another tender mercy that we found this week. Deborah was so pumped about missionary work but after 2 hours of walking around with us she was exhausted! Poor girl...we work hard and it has become so a part of who I am that i forget. I truly do love missionary work with all my heart! 

The threesome is going great! We are still working on balancing all three areas. We have a baptism for the end of this month and then a bunch for November. I can hardly believe how much work there is to be done here and although the church is small, it is true. 

Thank you all for the mutual and family home evening ideas. 

Ndirande Mutual

This week I am grateful for mighty prayer. I am grateful for companions. 
 One night we were walking to our last appointment and Sister Arok was struggling to get up a hill so I told her to hop on my back until we made it back to the car. For once in my life, I wasn't the one dragging behind her.  I am so grateful for her and the way she pushes me to be better.

I am grateful for rice and beans. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for water. I am grateful for electricity. I am grateful for my hands that can wash clothes. I am grateful for little kids and dirty faces. I am grateful for the moon and sunsets. I am grateful for Susan who went finding with us when it was hot. I am grateful for Joseph who wears his Sunday clothes all day to keep it holy. I am grateful for Connie who finally took the leap of faith and came to church. I am grateful for John Phiri who continues to struggle with addiction to alcohol but never fails to attend church. I am grateful for Lyson who when asked to obey a commandment always responds with "Why not?" I am grateful for Tionge who asks inspired questions. I am grateful for so much but most of all for you and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. have a great week.

Ndimakukonda Kwambili,

Sister Bingham

No power probs

Twinning is winning
Joseph and his niece Deborah!

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