Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pictures from November 23 email & Zone Conference

 Copperbelt Zone
Conference held in Ndola meetinghouse

 Sister Proctors last zone meeting! I'm going to miss her!
 Coming back from zone meeting! The driver just kept packing us in! There is a guy riding in the tiny trunk as well...hahah when in Africa!!!
 This is a vegetable named Ocra and it looks so nasty but its actually not that bad! I'll make it for you when we get's like eating slime.
 Sister Zohner and Sister Nkosi gave sister Motsi and I early Christmas presents! they were sweaters that were left from previous sisters but we were soooooooo excited to open them!
 Selina gave us a papaya from her tree at their house! We tried getting us all in but I guess I am too tall:)

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