Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Mulishani?? Ndola was bwino sana this week!!  I have less than 15 mintues to email this week so it will be short and sweet! I also might not be able to email next week because we might be having a zone activity. I don’t want to ruin the surprise in case it doesn’t happen but its so sweet and I literally cannot wait!!!
I guess I’ll just send some highlights from the week. Tuesday was Zone meeting and it was quite the adventure going there and back because all 8 of us from Ndola crammed in one taxi but it was a spiritually uplifting experience like every month! We focused a lot on our teaching skills and I felt like I really need to review the basics of missionary work. I was grateful for the reminder that we need to as President Uchtdorf said, “Simplify the gospel.”  Wednesday morning we went to Kitwe for 12 kwacha…less than one dollar. We went on exchanges with Sister Zohner (from Boise) and Sister Nkosi. It was really really really cool to be in an entirely new area that I have never been. Sister Nkosi is an awesome missionary! She is from South Africa and is really funny! I love how she is fun and friendly with her investigators but then is totally focused and serious while teaching. We worked really well together which always amazes me how we have never taught together yet there was so much unity between us! We had a lot of fun in their flat that night with the 4 of us. They don’t have power at night so we did a barbecue and just enjoyed being together. Thursday morning we came back to Ndola and headed to Chifubu and Pamodzi  and taught Aaron Mupundu, Ntusha Namanwe and Justin. They all are progressing well! Friday was jammed pack with lessons…we really are so blessed in this area! Sunday we had 12 investigators at church. I don’t know why we are so blessed but the work is really booming in this area! Selina’s confirmation was sooooooooooo special and I wish you could have been there. We had a broadcast for the Africa Southeast area with Elder Cook and Elder Renlund that was so good! After church we had a huge rainstorm that was insane! The loudest thunder I’ve ever heard!
I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. You are my greatest blessing after missionary work!!!

Sister Bingham

letter to my president since my other letter was so short:

President Erickson,
Mulishani? I hope all is well with you and Sister Erickson! This week was really great here in Ndola! We had a wonderful zone meeting! Sister Nkosi said the closing prayer and she prayed for you and Sister Erickson and although this happens every month, this moment really stood out to me as I thought of us and all the other elders and sisters in the mission, kneeling in prayer and expressing so much love and gratitude for you, our mission president. In the prayer she prayed that you may be strengthened and I just wanted to let you know that we hope you feel the power of our prayers strengthening you in your calling. We really do appreciate not only the work you do for us but the inspiration that you receive that helps us to be better Elders and Sisters. I went on exchanges with Sister Nkosi and she is just amazing! Since we don’t have a car, both Sister Motsi and I went to Kitwe for the exchange. My favorite part of the whole exchange was that night, after we closed the day, was watching Sister Zohner and Sister Nkosi getting back together and talking about the investigators they each had seen that day. I was overwhelmed by the love that companions have for each other. Despite the many struggles and frustrations companions always face, it amazes me how much we love each other and learn from one another. I also was so grateful for the love that these 2 sisters have for their area and the great concern they have for their investigators. They are great examples to me of forgetting themselves and losing themselves in the work. One of the mornings, I woke up earlier than usual and was able to see the most beautiful sunrise! As I looked at this sunrise and thought of all the beautiful creations of our Heavenly Father I was overwhelmed by the opportunity that I have to be in this part of the world, doing what I’m doing. I was reminded of the love of my Father in Heaven and how blessed I am to be a missionary. I love these little moments that I have experienced on mission. Sometimes I think we missionaries focus too much on the “big” moments when there are so small miracles and learning opportunities constantly around us! Being a missionary is the best. At this weeks meeting with our branch mission leader and branch president I brought up the idea of doing a Christmas activity and got shut down. I immediately got really frustrated because I have been trying to help the branch here in Ndola and I have felt like every idea I bring up is either “too difficult” or “the members won’t come so why do it?” I then realized how much our branch president is responsible for and that he has a lot on his plate and I can’t imagine how much stress he has. I felt bad for the feelings that I had but I still wanted to do an activity as I feel it would be good to unite our branch. We ended up coming to the conclusion that we could have an activity but the missionaries would have to do a lot of the planning. I am excited for this as this will be a great opportunity to build stronger relationships between us and the members and our investigators as well as an opportunity for us to fulfill our purpose of establishing the church. I am so grateful for the Ndola Branch that I have been able to serve in for the past 5 months or so. I am grateful for the progress and growth I have witnessed. I am grateful for the priesthood leaders that sacrifice so much in order for us to have a branch and church every Sunday. I am grateful for the organization of the church and that no matter where you go in the world, it is still the same true church. I am really grateful for all this branch has taught me and what it will continue to teach me. Thank you for all you do!
Sister Bingham!!!

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