Monday, September 26, 2016

"I like to look for rainbows" least we tried.

Sister Arok and I tried singing again at the baptism but right when we started singing John Phiri was fast asleep and we just lost it....she's been making me laugh a lot this week but we really have been filled with so much Joy serving together in the Lord's vineyard! Here it goes....

Fetching Water
 We carried water a couple times this week and no joke....its way easier to carry it on our heads!

Monday: Family Home Evening was another success!!! We ended up having 5 investigators, 1 recent convert, 1 less active and a bunch of members! Joseph gave the lesson and it was incredible!! He really has grown so much in his knowledge and faith in the gospel. It is such a blessing to have been able to see him become who he is today!  He talked about 3 reasons why he knows the Book of Mormon is true. He focused a lot of his lesson about Charity. I loved this so much!!! Of all the principles we learn from the Book of Mormon, I was touched that he has learned about Christlike love. Joseph is such a great example of reaching out in love to serve those around him. He visits a less active every Sundayy and this week when we asked him to come teach with us he was just about to go do his home teaching! We played some games and then brought our famous cake and Addsum, our investigator, could not stop talking about it!!! He made sure that we knew his birthday was coming up in a few weeks. It was really special though to be gathered together as families and friends and to feel the strong spirit that always accompanies our family home evenings. I am SO grateful for the Prophets who have taught us the importance of this weekly gathering. And who knew that it would become one of the most meaningful times when I am thousands of miles away from my own family???

 Family Home Evening at the Chirwas

Tuesday:  Susan called us and asked if we could help her at the Maize Mill. We showed up and she put a 20 kg bag of maize on top of our heads and we made our way to the mill. We got to the mill where we put the kernals into the mill which removed the outside of the kernels. Then we took woven baskets and shook them to get all the outside stuff removed. haha this is really hard to explain but nonetheless it was HARD WORK. As you can see in the pictures...we were sweating! And our backs and arms were sore the next day!!! It was so much fun though and I was once again greatly humbled by the lives that the people of Malawi live. They work so hard to just produce the food that they eat! And we were only part of a very small small part of the process. I will be forever grateful for the strong examples that I have been blessed to learn from while serving here in Ndirande. While walking I thought of when Christ said that he was the bread of life. Nsima is their staple food and our work at the mill was preparing for the flour to make nsima. I thought of how much physical labor was put into making the nsima which would only sustain them for a few months before time would come again that they would have to go to the mill and make more flour. I thought of how they would eat the nsima, be full for a couple hours but then have to eat again. I thought of the sacred calling that Sister Arok and I have and how only we, and the other missionaries around the world, carry a message that will fill their souls so that they shall never hunger. I am so grateful for the Savior who chose to come to this earth. To teach, to set the perfect example, to love, to serve and most especially to suffer so that we could eat and never hunger, to have eternal life in the kingdom of God. How great is our calling!
MAIZE MILL with Susan

That evening we met with Janet who is Susan's neighbor. She is 19 years old and is such a solid investigator. The only problem is that her father won't let her come to church and is very active in the CCAP church.We read with her 1 Nephi 3:7 and then committed her to pray that her father's heart would be softened. Sister Arok and I went home and prayed for her as well and the very next day we saw Janet and she came running up to us to tell us that her father said she could come to church!!!!! 

Wednesday: One of my most favorite lessons from the week!!! We went to go see Aggie and teach her about Missionary Work. We sat down and asked her, "Why do you love the gospel?" She responded by saying that she is most grateful for the opportunity it has given her to repent. The Prophet and Apostles did a broadcast at the beginning of this year that was entirely focused on teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It has been a huge part of our studying and teaching and something that I have been striving to apply the past couple of months in each and every single lesson. To hear from our investigator that out of all the things the Restored Gosepl has to offer, she has been blessed the most by the atoning sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ was incredible! I was so moved by her testimony and understanding of our need to repent. And not just to change from bad to good but to make changes to help us change from good to better! 

In the afternoon we got a call from President Kupu....we both just stopped dead in our tracks. The mission president never calls but he ended up inviting us to dinner with him and Sister Kupu. WE GOT T-BONE STEAK. We still haven't stopped talking about that dinner. Anyways it was a really special experience for Sister Arok and I to be with President and Sister Kupu. They are the most humble and inspiring people I know. I am SO grateful for the love that they extend to us missionaries and how concerned they are that we are striving to truly know our leader, Jesus Christ. 
Dinner with Sister Kupu!

Thursday: We had a mini zone conference with President and Sister Kupu. Its difficult to express what was said and learned. We talked a lot about the importance of exact obedience and praying mightily. Sister Arok and I have seen a lot of success together and the conference made me realize that not only are we more successful, but we are so much happier as we follow the mission rules and as we have great faith in the Lord. The entire day I was overwhelmed by the JOY that I experience while serving and also the love that I have for this area and the people that we are teaching. Life really is so wonderful right now and I have so much to be grateful for!

Friday: it was HOT. 

Saturday: We ran to the church at 6:30 to make sure the font was ready for the baptisms. Watipaso Chirwa was already there cleaning it and getting it ready. The members in this branch truly are so dedicated! But we got there and he told us that the hose was locked away. We quickly turned around and ran back to our house. Only to find that our hose was also locked and our guard forgot the key. He said he would try to get it out though. I quickly said a prayer that either our guard would get the hose out or Watipaso would get the keys to the shed at church.  within 5 mintues our guard somehow managed to get the hose! We rushed to the church and what do you know, there was Watipaso with the other hose. Prayer truly brings miracles. The baptism was so great! We had a really good turn out which was good because I was nervous people wouldn't come all the way to church since it was Saturday. Joseph gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost. And of course the highlights were Aggie and Addsum's testimonies. They both were so prepared to receive the gospel and have become so converted. Once again what stood out to me the most was their smiles. It was another humbling experience to stand their and watch two people that I have come to love participate in the saving ordinance of baptism. Mission is the best.

Aggie and Addsum's Baptism
 Osman (The Elder's Quorum President and our guard), Addsum, Aggie, Valentine, and Watipasto 
(the Branch Clerk)
 Aggie and Valentine
Addsum Chisiza
 The gang
The one and only John Phiri

Sunday: We had 3 confirmations which brought such a sweet spirit to our sacrament meeting. I loved listening intently to the unique and indicidual blessings that each of our investigators received. I know that we really do have a Father in Heaven who knows us personally and is eager to bless us as we faithfully obey His commandments and counsels. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life that has helped me in the smallest situations. I am so grateful for Thoko, Tionge, Addsum, and Aggie who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ and embark on their journey back to live with God again.

Sooo many incredible experience happened this past week. We arent' sure what is going to happen with transfers this week but I am not really looking forward to them....I really really really love this area and my companion. We had a lot of funny moments this week as well as spiritual experiences. But with that said, I know that whatever happens will be great and will bring about needed growth in myself. Have a great week!!! Share the gospel with someone.

Ndimakukonda Kwambili,

Sister Bingham

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