Monday, February 22, 2016

Some cute kids....they always run to the car yelling "AZUNGU BHO!!!" Sister Ganet who was working with us one day was tired of it and taught them to say "muli Bwanji?" instead. She said she wants them to be more respectful. She is such an awesome lady!

Happy 16th Birthday to Brooklyn! Malawi style!
 So I took this sign around one day and tried to get a couple people to take pictures. some people were so was hilarious!!! We are all celebrating for you in Malawi!!!!

The power has been really bad today here in Lilongwe and this is the 5th internet cafe we have been too....Hahah so this week will be a short email but first things first....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER BROOKLYN!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
ok highlights from the week....

-teaching Sister Gondwe who is a less active. I also think she has narcolepsy (that condition where you always fall asleep) so she falls asleep during every lesson but she usually stays awake for the opening hymn. She always chooses to sing "Rock of Ages" and it is pretty off key but she sings loud and with a big smile on her face. I always feel the spirit as we sing and I am grateful for her love for this song that allows the peace of the gospel into her life. Anyways we have been serving her and visiting her A LOT and guess what....she came to church!!! Her husband is very active but he is out of town building a road or something so we figured she'd come when he came back but she came this week. I got to sit next to her in Relief Society and she seemed really happy to be there. She doesn't speak much English but always responds with "nditu, nditu" which means "sure, sure" to everything I say. She is an amazing woman and has helped me to see the blessings that come as we continue to endeavor in the work of the Lord, because miracles do come. Maybe not right at first but after 5 weeks...or more....they come!

-teaching Paul another less active. He is 15 and hasn't been coming to church because his clothes are too ripped. I honestly think stays in the most humble circumstances of anyone I have taught and has very little clothing but his SMILE. Paul has helped me to learn the importance and influence of a smile. To be honest...I don't know when he last brushed his teeth but his smile literally made my weak. I have had a little bit harder of a time adjusting to this area than I maybe have told you but he has really warmed my heart and made me love where I am serving. We had a lesson about following the prophet and he remembered a lot about Joseph Smith and President Monson. During that lesson I thought about if President Monson really knew how many people love and respect and want to follow him all the way over here in Malawi. I have the greatest love and appreciation for the Prophet and Apostles and it really touches my heart to hear the testimonies of the saints here who have never seen President Monson, have maybe watched him speak a few times, yet want to do their very best to follow his counsel. 

-Remember the picture of the women who fed us lunch last week? Well this week we were waiting for a member to come so we could have a lesson with him and I was able to help them draw water from the well and wash some dishes. It was hot, my hands, legs, and skirt got dirty but it was a really spiritual moment for me as i thought of the many references and stories of wells in the New Testament. I thought of the special privilege that I have to wear the name of the Savior everyday, teach his gospel, and be his hands here in Malawi. I thought of how we really are doing the exact same things that He did while He was hear on earth. It made me want to more cherish the time I have been given and to be a better representative of Him as well as to seek more of His divine help so that I may be able to better emulate His light and love. I was really touched this week to be able to see the Hand of the Lord in the simple things and to understand that truly all things testify that there is a Savior. 

-Working with Sister Ganet. She is a member who LOVES to go teaching with us which is such a blessing!!! We picked her up the other day and I started to thank her for coming with us and she said, "No I love doing the work of the Lord. There are so many blessings!" She has a zeal for missionary work that is so inspiring and it makes me want to continue to be a missionary when i get home. Members have such a positive influence in our teaching and they really are the ones that bring a special spirit. I am so grateful for the sacrifices that our made by our members here to assist us in our work. I also thought of my family, teaching with, feeding, and helping the missionaries. you really do help them more than you could imagine!

-Talking with Sister Brown in the evenings. She is the best and has really helped me get through different struggles. As I am approaching my halfway mark (what??? time is flying!!!) it literally feels like just yesterday I was in her shoes. She is such a dedicated and consecrated missionary and I feel so blessed to live with her. Once again...I know Heavenly Father sent me to this specific mission to learn from the sisters I serve with and around. I am also grateful for Sister Ratema. its her birthday on Saturday! maybe you all could send her an email next week!!! its thanks!

-our lesson with ABK. This old man is so powerful and so prepared by the Lord. My heart is always filled with so much joy as we leave his home. On Sunday he makes lots of comments in the gospel principles class and my favorite one this week was when we were talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We first must have faith, then repent, then be baptized, then the gift of the holy ghost, then enduring to the end. Then he stands up and says, "And we must have LOVE" while punching the air with his fist. Man seriously he is the best! and he wants to be a missionary like us.

-going to see precious and our interpreter walked out to answer the phone. We were just sitting there awkwardly trying to have a conversation but he doesn't speak English. I kind of gave up and was just sitting there when all the sudden he says in perfect English, "I was so happy when I saw you coming to my house. Thank you for coming!" he melts my heart and continues to remind me that the gospel brings happiness. I read a quote this week along the lines of "The more and more we strive to become like Heavenly Father and His Son, the more and more imperfections and weaknesses we find in ourselves." How true this is and something I have really learned this week. Living the gospel SEEMS like it is challenging and too demanding and there is too much expected of us. But Precious and many other experiences this week helped me to understand that the gospel is the only thing that brings peace and happiness into our lives. It is the very thing that allows us to develop and grow which is the whole reason we are here. I realized this week that while i need to continue improving and working harder, I need to recognize, reflect on and embrace the joy I am feeling. And how much happier I have been!
-Liana couldn't come to church to be confirmed because she had to help her mom with the wash and they didn't have soap on Saturday . BUT this turned into a blessing because we were able to go with the Chipapalas and visit her and ended up having a lesson with her parents. It was so amazing to really get to talk with the parents and help them to see the blessing of the gospel that two of their children have found.
Well family I love you soooooooooooooooooo much!!! I love being a missionary!!!! I hope the best for this week. you are and forever will be in my prayers.
Ndimakukondani kwambili,
Sister Bingham

 We got DUMPED ON!!!!

 Mom...i am beginning to think Malawi has even more beautiful skies than Idaho. we also got mud thrown at our car after taking this picture and 4 guys came running over demanding money....hahaha

 We asked him for a ride but he couldn't understand goal for this week...learn how to ask "can you give us a ride?" in Chichewa

Sister Chipapala came to church with this dress so I told her we had to get a picture. Mom you'd look great in this!!!!

can't even carry my scriptures on my head...don't know how these women carry huge buckets of water?

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  1. Hello sister missionary l can see you are having a wonderful time up in malawi hope you are able to see my mail. you always have a bright smile across your face. keep up the same spirit we miss you dear. say hello to sister motsi. hope you received a letter l sent you through sister Zonher.