Monday, August 3, 2015

Short and sweet this week

Dearest Family,
How is everyone doing?? I hope all is well at home because all is well in zion!! Another week that has just flown by…can you believe I am starting my 7th week here in Ndola???
Monday: We had our sister activity and it was sooooo much fun! I loved being with all the sisters in the mission and getting to know them. One of the sisters told me that she heard that all the Americans, when they go home, are bored around their old friends because Africans are so much more fun. I love my friends so I am not worried but I have fallen in love with the African culture. The way they talk, laugh, what they say….it is so so so hilarious and fun! We ‘braied’ a bunch of different meat with charcoal so it was kinda like camping and it was way fun! We ate nshima and I can honestly say that I like nshima. Its not just tolerable or something that fills you but I like it! I am excited to make it for you! Maybe you could try to make it at home.J After we ate we had our “stress management session” and it was really great. Each sister shared a scripture or hymn or whatever has helped her get through the stresses and worries of her mission. Each and every one of their testimonies was so powerful and the Spirit was so strong. The whole time I was just reminded that I was sent to this mission, even to this particular zone for a reason. There is something I have already and will continue to learn from each of these sisters. Soooo many of them, if not all are from part member families or are the only member. They are such inspirations to me and make me want to be better. When missionaries talk, they often say how they know the Lord sent them somewhere because they needed to teach those people. That is 100% true but I also know that all missionaries are sent to their specific missions because of the other missionaries they will influence and will also learn from. I feel so humbled and blessed to serve with these amazing daughters of God. It is too bad we can’t get together more often but I will never forget the testimonies they shared and the struggles that they have pushed through. Someday I hope you get to meet them all!  Sister Mbele…one of the other sisters in our flat did absolutely incredible and she has quite the story. I am sure she wouldn’t feel comfortable for me to write home about it but I want you to know she is amazing. She has been through a lot and almost went home but she has 6 weeks left and is going to finish strong!
Tuesday: This day was a day filled with learning and miracles! Every day is like this but especially this day. We contacted a girl and her cousin on Sunday and we got to teach them on Tuesday. Inoage is 18, has two children 1 year and 5 months and a 3 month old, and Olivia is 16. They are super cute girls and have really great personalities. Inoage lives with her grandmother and they are catholic but since she has children she doesn’t go to church because she feels judged. Olivia’s family  in United Church of Zambia (very popular church also referred to Uzet) and she says she goes to church but she doesn’t pay attention and never knows what they are talking about. We started just building a relationship with them and before we knew it we were teaching them about the plan of salvation. OIivia had about a million questions and they were so DEEP but this was here the miracles came in. I have been trying to work on being more directed and guided by the Spirit as we teach. Every single answer that my companion or I gave was perfect and we were answering things I didn’t even know I knew the answer to. It was amazing how before the lesson we prayed to be sensitive to the Spirit and needs of Olivia and Inoage and then that is exactly what happened. I know that it was nothing that we did. Besides being obedient and studying hard, the Spirit was the key and the miracle. We walked away with so much joy in our hearts!
So I thought we were going to email longer but my companion asked us to leave...I will write more next week and I am going to try to send some letters! I sent some two weeks ago so let me know when they come! Try sending letters to Flat 10-558 B317 Lilongwe, Malawi...I guess they come faster. So also transfer news....Sister Motsi and I have been called as sister training leaders in the Cooperbelt zone. I have never felt so inadequate in my whole life and I am so scared but fasting and prayer has helped. I would appreciate all the prayers though as well as my companion. This calling has been really hard on her. Anyways fam I love you! I know this church is true with all my heart and I can honestly say I have never been so happy in my life.
Much love,
Sister B

 Studying by candle light! The power goes out all the time but I love doing this!!!

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